A Special Dental Cleaning To Help Protect Your Gums

A professional dental cleaning is provided to patients whenever they come in for a routine dental checkup. During this cleaning, your hygienist is able to remove plaque, food debris, and tartar found on your teeth. For many patients, this cleaning is all they need. However, those individuals who show signs of gum disease can require a deeper cleaning. A periodontal cleaning will be performed whenever there are concerns about the state of your gums. It is important to address a possible infection. If an infection is allowed to worsen, it can become difficult to manage, and may lead to problems like tooth loss. You can recognize signs of periodontal trouble between visits by looking for any evidence of swelling tissue, or a receding gum line. Gum disease is also a common cause of bad breath. (more…)

Quiz: How Different Beverage Choices Can Impact Your Smile

There are obvious steps you can take to protect your smile from the threat of tooth decay. Making sure to floss and brush effectively will certainly help, and so will regular dental exams. However, there are additional measures you can take if you want to avoid a need for restorative dental treatment. Our diets have a tremendous impact on our general health, and your choices can have a particular effect on your dental health. You might not realize it, but the decisions you make regarding what beverages to drink can cause cosmetic and health concerns for your teeth. Obviously, you should watch out for sugary drinks, but there are other factors. For instance, drinking alcohol can dry out your mouth. Because saliva is partly responsible for our cavity defense, this can put you at a higher risk for decay. (more…)

Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Changed Your Smile?

As we age, our teeth can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Because biting and chewing create friction, some change to the condition of your smile will inevitably take place. With that said, you may be causing an excess of harm to your teeth if you tend to clench your jaw, especially if you frequently do so while sleeping. While a clenched jaw can be a normal response in a moment of high stress, some individuals will unconsciously clench their jaw, and grind their teeth, throughout the night. This issue, bruxism, can cause more than just a minor buildup of harm – you could wind up developing a chip or crack in your tooth. Your dentist can help you deal with this problem, and protect your teeth. (more…)

Different Approaches To Restoring A Tooth With A Cavity

As a cavity grows over time, the threat it poses can become more significant. Even a small cavity is a concern that needs your dentist’s attention, but a cavity that causes internal problems for your tooth can be especially troublesome. Your dentist is prepared to offer the appropriate restorative dental care to help you eliminate the threat posed by a cavity. If your decay is caught in its earlier stages, a dental filling can be provided after the infected enamel has been removed from your tooth. A cavity that reaches the interior of your tooth will call for a root canal treatment. People can become uneasy when they hear they need a root canal, but you should know that your dentist can provide excellent care during this procedure, and manage potential discomfort. (more…)

Making Your Teeth Whiter With Professional Treatment

When you rely on professional services from your dentist to improve your smile, you can see fantastic results. Cosmetic dental care can lead to many beneficial changes, including a significant whitening of your teeth. While patients who want a brighter smile will often achieve their goal with a professional whitening treatment, this is not the only approach. Depending on the issues that have dulled or discolored your teeth, it may not be the recommended choice. If you have an interest in cosmetic improvements, but feel uncertain about how to move forward, reach out and set up a time where you can discuss your goals with your dentist.  (more…)

Correcting Bothersome Alignment Issues With Invisalign

If your teeth are not properly aligned, it can create a significant disruption to your smile. Spacing and overlap concerns can affect your appearance, even if your teeth are otherwise healthy. People who want to do something about this problem may hesitate because they are not thrilled at the prospect of having braces. Fortunately, Invisalign treatment makes it possible to fix alignment problems discreetly. By using clear plastic aligners instead of bracket-and-wire orthodontic appliances, you can adjust your smile with a less-intrusive appliance. This is one of many services your dentist can offer when you want to improve the quality of your smile. To learn more about what might be available to you, set an appointment to discuss cosmetic dental care. (more…)

Find The Ideal Solution For Issues With Dental Damage

An injury that affects your tooth can be painful, but it can also lead to fears that your smile is permanently changed for the worse. Fortunately, your dentist can provide treatment that will help restore your smile after dental damage has affected it. There are many possible approaches to this, based on your needs. One important step your dentist will take is determining the extent of the damage. If a chipped or cracked tooth is at risk for an infection, or is impaired in its ability to bite and chew, restorative dental work can be the appropriate action. However, if your injury is superficial, and not a concern for your dental health, they can talk to you about cosmetic dental treatment. (more…)