Restorative Dentistry

Expert Smile Restoration

A combination of consistently good hygiene and general dental care can help you prolong the health and integrity of your smile. However, dental issues like cavities, gum disease, tooth wear and damage, and tooth loss are still common. When they occur, the best way to protect the rest of your oral health is to seek restorative treatment as soon as possible. Restorative dentistry typically involves rebuilding and refortifying tooth structure that has been damaged or afflicted with tooth decay. Restoring the tooth and, if necessary, removing the tooth infection, helps stem the damage and allows you to preserve a maximum amount of your healthy tooth structure, which benefits your immediate and long-term oral health.

Custom, Lifelike Restorations

Unlike cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments focus mainly on the health, strength, integrity, and function of your teeth. Nevertheless, modern restorations are usually crafted from advanced, highly esthetic materials, like composite resin and dental porcelain, that are designed for optimal cosmetic results. The goal of restorations like tooth fillings and dental crowns is to ensure that your tooth can continue to function as it was meant to even after it has been subjected to cracks, fractures, breaks, and/or tooth decay.

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