Porcelain Veneers

The Many Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Improving your smile is a personalized process, meaning your dentist will carefully take all of your smile’s concerns into consideration when planning your treatment. That’s why patients who have multiple different types of issues with their smiles’ appearance often fear that improving them will take multiple cosmetic treatments. However, in most cases, we can custom-design a smile makeover plan that addresses all of your smile’s cosmetic issues while keeping the extent of your treatment to a minimum. That’s often best accomplished with the help of one or more porcelain veneers, which are custom-designed to mimic the size, shape, and appearance of your teeth’s front surfaces.

How Porcelain Veneers Transform Teeth

A porcelain veneer is a thin shell of lifelike porcelain that is tinted to the specific color and shade of your tooth. The porcelain is also semi-translucent, just as your natural tooth enamel. When layered, it can reflect light to the same degree that your healthy tooth enamel does, creating a highly lifelike appearance in any light. Because veneers are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth, they can instantly correct most mild to moderate tooth concerns, such as:

  • Severe tooth discoloration (especially on multiple teeth)
  • Chipped or worn teeth
  • Minor cracks in your tooth surfaces
  • Slight smile misalignment
  • Jagged or overlapping tooth edges
  • Excessive spaces between them
  • And more

Ask Dr. Burds if Veneers Are Right for You

If you have several different concerns with your smile’s appearance, then speak with Dr. Burds to find out if you can address them with one or more porcelain veneers. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, today at (515) 244-9565. We also proudly serve patients from West Des Moines, Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, and all surrounding communities.

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