Addressing Smile Flaws With Invisalign

Is it time for you to do something about poorly aligned teeth? People who have concerns about their appearance because of smile gaps and overlaps can have understandable concerns about the way they look, but they can hesitate when they think their only option is to rely on metal braces. These aligners can certainly help, but this is not your only option. You can talk to your Des Moines, IA dentist about using Invisalign aligners to help you make corrections to your appearance. These appliances will gradually straighten teeth while making it easier for you to fit treatment into your daily life. This is one of many services that you can rely on if you want to make positive changes to your smile. (more…)

Conservatively Restoring Cracked Teeth

While we are fortunate enough to have remarkably strong enamel protecting our teeth, injuries do happen. Even minor chips, cracks, and other visible harm can be a problem, as it can have an unsightly effect on your appearance. Of course, more serious injuries can lead to oral health difficulties that affect your general well-being as well as your bite function. At our Des Moines, IA dentist’s office, we can provide solutions if you are concerned about enamel damage. Depending on the nature of that harm to your tooth structure, we can discuss options like cosmetic dental work, or we can explore the possible need to provide restorative dental work. (more…)

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