A Gorgeous Smile After An Extraction

Older Des Moines IAThe loss of one or more of your existing natural teeth can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. For this reason, it is important to know your options for an elegant prosthodontic solution. This specialization of dentistry focuses on the replacement of your existing teeth with a prosthetic that you can use in your daily life. A dental bridge can provide a new chewing surface at the location of tooth loss.

Another form of replacement is through a dental implant placement process. This technique uses a technologically advanced procedure in which a titanium post permanently rests in your jaw. There is versatility in implants, as the prosthetic tooth atop can be replaced. For a single tooth or a full set of implant-supported dentures, there is a future after your extraction. Discuss your options with Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA to decide your next course of action in the replacement of your natural teeth!


Ways To Revive Your Enamel

Guy White BG Des Moines IASince your enamel does not regrow, the consistent maintenance of this tissue can make all the difference in how your smile holds up over time. Your at-home oral health hygiene is highly important in reaching positive long-term outcomes. Dental checkups every six months also help to keep your natural enamel strong and safe.

Some instances can leave you wanting for a neater and more secure smile. Tooth decay and erosion can cause vulnerability to your enamel that you may wish to repair solely for the protective benefit. Cosmetic enhancement can come with a stronger mouth, so always ask your dentist at Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA about your options. For more minor chips, dental bonding can help to restore your tooth through the use of a durable resin. After placement and polishing, this material blends in with the rest of your natural matter. Porcelain veneers are another form of enamel improvement that comes through the use of thin sheets of translucent ceramic. Look your best while giving your dental health a boost with tooth repair and sculpting. (more…)

Handle A Dental Emergency With Composure

Ouch Des Moines IAWhile you keep to a strict oral health hygiene regimen, there is always the possibility of damage to areas of the mouth. One common instance of this sort is a break or a crack to the enamel. This material forms the hard external surface of the tooth. Humans do not regrow this tissue, so the continued maintenance and repair of the enamel is key in continued dental vitality.

Dental damage can be startling. Learn as much as you can about the pivotal next steps after you have broken or cracked a tooth. This way, you can arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do when you or someone near you suffers an enamel emergency. Being able to calmly handle the situation can maximize your ability to save your own biological material in a restorative procedure. At Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA, we diligently work to repair your smile for lasting functionality and appearance. Keep some simple concepts in the back of your mind to help be prepared for acute dental harm!


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