Using Invisalign To Close A Smile Gap

If you have a gap between teeth caused by malocclusion – poor smile alignment – our Des Moines, IA dentist’s office can help! Through Invisalign treatment, we can help you fix this and other issues discreetly. Your aligners can remain in place without attracting unwanted attention, and you can remove them at your convenience. We provide a variety of services that help people improve their appearance. While Invisalign can help you change your smile for the better, it can also address bite issues that interfere with your oral health. Those problems include a higher risk for TMJ disorder, as poor smile alignment can lead increased tension on your jaw joints and muscles. (more…)

How A Partial Denture Provides A Full Smile

des moines partial dentures

Last week, we explained how a single missing tooth could be addressed with a dental bridge. But what if you have gaps spread out across your smile, too severe to be treated with a bridge? To offer a full smile again, your Des Moines, IA, dentist could suggest creating and securing a partial denture, one custom-made for your smile. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we improve smiles with these custom dentures!


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