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What if It’s Too Late for Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth decay occurs in stages, and therefore, treating it depends on what stage it’s in when your dentist diagnoses it. For instance, in its mild to moderate stages, tooth decay can often be effectively treated with a custom, tooth-colored filling. In more severe cases, the decayed tooth structure and infected tissues must be removed with… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve never had root canal treatment, then being told that you need the procedure can seem daunting. Fortunately, root canal treatment is much simpler and more comfortable than many people believe, and best of all, it can relieve the extreme discomfort that your tooth is experiencing. Root canal treatment is the process of removing… Read more »

TRUE OR FALSE: Root Canal Treatment

It’s hard to hear the words “root canal treatment” and not think something negative. While the ideal situation is that we all have perfectly healthy teeth for all of our lives, the reality is, that may not happen. When an unhealthy tooth situation develops, sometimes the best answer is the restorative treatment of root canal therapy. Let… Read more »

When Do You Need A Root Canal?

A sudden onset of tooth pain can absolutely raise concern, even if it doesn’t hurt all the time. Often times, a toothache will come and go, or may intensify during certain times (like in reaction to temperature or pressure). If you’re experiencing any tooth pain – it’s always important to let your dentist know, it… Read more »

FAQs: Root Canal Concerns

Don’t worry – you are not the first (and likely not the last) patient to feel extremely concerned about root canal treatment. More interesting than the fact that patients feel hesitant about this treatment’s comfort level is the fact that patients worry about a lot of additional issues. For instance, some patients are more focused… Read more »

Do Root Canals Hurt?

A common concern when a patient learns they need root canal therapy: “Do root canals hurt?” This is perhaps the most common misconception about modern root canal treatment. Despite what outdated connotations or media portrayals of root canal therapy may suggest, your treatment will not be painful. In fact, root canal therapy aims to relieve… Read more »

Don’t Can It, Canal It

Root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years. Many people would rather just get their tooth pulled than to get a root canal. If you don’t need your tooth pulled, however, you should always try to save it. It is important to keep as much of the natural tooth structure in place when… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist: Try Our Root Canal Quiz

Few things send a chill up the spine like the words “root canal”. Unfortunately, wild rumors have given this safe and comfortable procedure a bad reputation. In fact, endodontic treatment helps protect and preserve your smile. In today’s blog, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the… Read more »

What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy with Your Des Moines Dentist

The mere mention of a root canal can send involuntary shivers down the spines of many people; yet the fear, which is based largely on misconceptions about the procedure, is unwarranted. Discomfort stems from the infection that has a hold of your tooth, and root canal procedures are performed to relieve this discomfort while stopping… Read more »