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Terrace Hill Governor’s Mansion

Do you appreciate architecture; enjoy visiting beautiful houses and majestic buildings? Do you love to learn about the local history of your area? Well you can do all that right here in Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa State Capitol is one of the most beautiful in the country. Founded circa 1843, Des Moines has buildings… Read more »

The Culinary Arts

Do you or a member of your family enjoy the culinary arts? What better time to indulge that interest than in the winter time when food, snacks, and beverages bring us warmth and comfort. Perhaps you’ve been interested in the culinary arts for some time but have never pursued that interest. How about now? The… Read more »

Longview Golf Centre: Iowa’s Golf Dome

Are you an avid golfer? Have you considered taking up golf? Are you looking for a sport your family can enjoy together? If you are an avid golfer, no need to give up golfing this winter. If you are considering learning how to play golf, no need to wait until the nice weather returns. If… Read more »

Des Moines Art Center

Art is a soothing balm for the soul, especially during the winter months when all is brown and gloomy. Des Moines Art Center works to engage local and international audiences by offering a diverse array of programs and collections. If you enjoy art, or are looking to broaden your interests, your Des Moines dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Des Moines Community History and Culture: Salisbury House & Gardens

Too cold outside for water parks and nature trails? Have no fear there are still plenty of things to do in Des Moines. Des Moines is a trove of history, art, and culture. If this is the sort of thing that interests you, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, suggests visiting the recently restored… Read more »

Des Moines on a Penny

Although a metropolis that is experiencing a surge in popularity, Des Moines Iowa has many activities that won’t make a dent in your wallet. A city nestled in the center of Iowa and surrounded by rolling hills, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, suggests spending some time enjoying Des Moines on a penny.

Science Center Of Iowa

Now that the kids are back in school and the weather is getting cool, it is a perfect time to explore indoors. Whether you or your child is a dinosaur buff, interested in space, music, or just want to see an amazing and engaging program on the IMAX screen, the Science Center Of Iowa is… Read more »

Historic Buildings in Des Moines

Are you a history buff? Do you love going back in time? If so, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, suggests visiting one of the historic buildings in Des Moines, the Jordan House, for a jaunt back in time and a bit of Des Moines education.

Des Moines Iowa Blank Park Zoo

Your oral care is extremely important to your health and happiness, but so are family and community. There are numerous things to do this fall to enjoy and support both.  Some are educational while others you can do simply for fun and entertainment. Today your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, suggests having some fun… Read more »

The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Fall is a great time to be outdoors, and Des Moines is stock full of things to do. Whether you are a wine connoisseur, enjoy being near the water, are a rollercoaster lover, history buff, enjoy outdoor concerts, or enjoy learning there is something for you in Des Moines. For a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor… Read more »