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Des Moines Dentist Explains How to Fix a Broken Tooth

Although your teeth are surrounded and protected by the strongest substance that your body produces (enamel), they can still crack or break, either from direct trauma or after being weakened by decay. Depending on the severity of the damage, your tooth may or may not experience immediate discomfort. Either way, leaving your tooth cracked or… Read more »

The Mechanics of TMJ Disorder with Your Des Moines Dentist

Are you doing all that you can to protect your oral health? Hopefully, you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once, which can help control dental plaque (a sticky substance created by masses of oral bacteria). Reducing plaque is essential to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but not… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Discusses Toothache Causes

Have you ever had a toothache? Considering the number of different issues that can lead to tooth sensitivity, there’s a good chance that you have. In fact, over 25% of adults in America say that they’ve had to take time off work to deal with a toothache. The first step to treating your sensitive tooth… Read more »

Resolutions for Better Dental Health

With the New Year in full swing, many thoughts turn to self-improvement. Healthier dieting and more exercise are among the most common resolutions made. Where your health is concerned, these may also be among the most beneficial resolutions you can adhere to. Unbeknownst to many people, however, is the benefits that diet and exercise can… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Explains Causes of Bad Breath

Have you ever spoken with someone whose bad breath was noticeable during your conversation? Your foremost thoughts may have been centered on how to avoid the breath without obviously insulting them. Or, you may have worried about whether your own breath is ever that bad. Rest assured, everyone’s breath is offensive at least sometimes, such… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Discusses High Fillings

Fillings are used to fill cavities in teeth. From time to time, patients will leave an appointment with a high filling. After a day or two of noticing that a filling is too high, patients could develop discomfort or pain due to a high filling. Usually, we can determine the appropriate height of a filling… Read more »

The Negative Effect of Soft Drinks on Teeth

Momentary satisfaction can result in long-lasting repercussions, especially when it comes to oral health. Studies repeatedly indicate that the acid in soft drinks erode tooth enamel from the first moment of consumption. However, the acidic nature of sodas alone isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. Without proper restraint, soda drinkers are leaving themselves susceptible… Read more »

Rediscover the Joy of Smiling in Des Moines

Facial expressions are universal. For the most part, a smile is a smile no matter what part of the world you travel to. Aside from improving appearance and first impressions, smiling often is also good for your health by reducing stress. Many people, however, do not enjoy the benefits of regularly smiling because they are… Read more »

Recruiting for the War on Tooth Decay

Throughout recorded human history, we have tried to fight off the most common disease among mankind—tooth decay. The earliest known evidence was discovered in a Neolithic graveyard in Pakistan. Remains that dated back to 7,000 BC included molars (back teeth) with near-perfect holes carved out of them. The method of extracting decayed or diseased tooth… Read more »

What Do You Know About Cavities?

There’s a good chance that, at some point in your life, you’ve developed tooth decay. Cavities are the most common childhood disease, and around 90% of American adults have had a cavity in their adult teeth. Your Des Moines dentist Dr. Stephen Burds discusses cavities, their causes, and ways to prevent and treat them. What… Read more »