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The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Strokes

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can afflict a patient, yet go undiagnosed for years without the patient knowing he has a problem. Also common are patients who suspect a breathing issue while they sleep, but are afraid to seek a diagnosis and solution. OSA is potentially dangerous, and linked to several life-threatening conditions such as heart disease… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Talks about Oral Hygiene of Pilgrims

Do you wax nostalgic about your family history at Thanksgiving? DNA testing and family trees have become popular ways to discover how far back our American lineage might go. Many of us may even have a direct relationship line to a Pilgrim. If you descend from someone who sailed over on the Mayflower (or even… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Warns Chocolate Lovers to Prepare for a Shortage

With Halloween just a few days away, your sweet tooth may already be in overdrive. Trick-or-treating is intended for children, but many adults partake as much (or even more) in their candy fixes. If chocolate concoctions are your personal favorites when it comes to sweet treats, you may have to make some adjustments in the… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist: Try Our Root Canal Quiz

Few things send a chill up the spine like the words “root canal”. Unfortunately, wild rumors have given this safe and comfortable procedure a bad reputation. In fact, endodontic treatment helps protect and preserve your smile. In today’s blog, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the… Read more »

Link Between Hormones and Gum Disease Explained by Des Moines Dentist

Hormonal surges and fluctuations aren’t something we can control. Unfortunately, they come with side-effects throughout our lives. You may experience mood swings, bloating, blemishes, or any number of unpleasant physical and emotional manifestations of hormones. You may not realize that oral health issues can also be linked to cyclical hormone changes – namely gum disease… Read more »

What is an Eruption Cyst? Des Moines Dentist Answers

There’s nothing more joyous, wondrous, and sometimes frightening than being a parent. People are resilient, even when they’re just starting out in life. Babies can give us scares, however, especially because their ability to communicate is limited to crying. When you see a physical sign of distress that you don’t expect, it can set off… Read more »

Crown Quiz from Des Moines Dentist

We recently educated you about crowns, which are a terrific (and fairly common) solution when you have a damaged or injured tooth. Whether you have an accident or your tooth has become decayed down to the dental pulp, when infection spreads far enough, you’ll require reinforcement. To see how much of the prior information you… Read more »

TMJ Quiz from Des Moines Dentist

If you have TMJ discomfort, you are well aware of how distracting it can be to a normal quality-of-life. Even if you have no jaw issues, you should be conscious of the fact that they can crop up at any moment. Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, helps patients with TMJ dysfunctions all the time…. Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Offers Health Advice to Patients

As kids start going back to school all over the country, all of that time encapsulated in classrooms, exposed to their peers may very well translate into colds and other illnesses. While the attention can be fun, no one likes the feeling of being sick. If you’re concerned about germs, you can work towards avoiding… Read more »

Do You Need a Crown? Des Moines Dentist Can Help

If you injure your tooth, it can be cracked or broken, causing a need for reinforcement. Dental injuries can occur accidentally, in a fight, or during contact sports. Decay is really like another form of injury. Severe tooth decay or extreme wear from grinding teeth can weaken the structure to such a degree that you… Read more »