Helping You Treat Your TMJ Disorder

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If you have difficulty comfortably opening and closing your mouth or wake up each morning with serious discomfort in your jaw, you may suffer from TMJ disorder. This problem has a variety of causes including arthritis, injuries, and constant grinding of your teeth, but whatever the cause, your Des Moines, IA dentist would like to help resolve your pain. In today’s blog, we discuss providing an oral appliance to treat your TMJ.

Detecting TMJ And Its Many Causes

Your temporomandibular joints provide the connection between your skull and lower jawbone. When articulating movements of your mouth, this joint is critical in comfortably eating and speaking. However, when excess force is applied regularly, TMJ can set in and begin to impact your ability to enjoy these daily activities. Any issue that affects the balance of your bite can contribute to TMJ. Grinding your teeth, losing teeth, and uneven growth of the jaw itself can all lead to imbalances in your bite. You may suspect developing the problem when you experience consistent jaw pain, headaches, or muscle pain in your face. Because TMJ is a progressive disorder that can worsen over time, do not wait to report these symptoms to your dentist. We want to examine your jaw to help determine if you require interventive therapy to provide relief.

Diagnosing And Treating Your Pain

When you come to our office, we will first take digital images of your teeth and jaw to help us detect the nature of your condition. When assessing the balance of your bite, we look for wear and tear or other common signs of excessive strain. We may determine that you would benefit from orthodontic correction to bring your bite into balance and relieve your jaw pain. Individual teeth might benefit from a dental crown or bonding treatment to even their height and properly distribute the force of your bite. Dental implants and bridges can also restore missing teeth to correct malocclusion.

We often find that wearing an oral guard while you sleep can offer desirable relief for your TMJ pain. Your guard is customized to the specific dimensions of your mouth based on the three-dimensional digital model we create at your initial visit. When you wear your guard regularly, it can help reposition your jaw and remove strain upon your joints. This handy appliance also prevents wear and tear from grinding as it separates the surfaces of each row of your bite.

Speak With Your Des Moines, IA Dentist About Treatments For Easing Your TMJ Disorder

Dr. Burds and the team at Gateway Dental Group want to help you focus on enhancing every aspect of your dental health including problems with TMD. If you are looking for treatments to ease your jaw pain, we can diagnose your condition and provide an appliance that offers relief. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call our office today at (515) 244-9565. Located in Des Moines, IA, we proudly welcome patients from the Des Moines metro area and all surrounding communities.