Improve Your Look Before Your Big Day

Husky Des Moines IAAs the weather starts to become a little warmer, social events start to pop back up. If you have a significant event coming up, you know that there will invariably be photographs. Everyone wants to look their best in these images, as they form our memories of these momentous occasions. From graduations to weddings, you might not have much in the way of time before the big day, so take the time to speak with a qualified professional about how cosmetic dental touchups can lift your appearance.

At Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA, we can help you to find a positive solution, so that you can look great at your family function or work-related event. One popular form of cosmetic improvement lies in teeth whitening, but beware of common over-the-counter products. These can be ineffective, or even worse, these items can weaken your enamel, leaving you susceptible to sensitivity. Approach your care with the help of a trusted professional so that you can look better, while keeping your health in mind.

Whiten Your Teeth With The Help Of A Professional

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dental enhancement is teeth whitening, and it is important that you see a provider before you start down this path. Receiving a diagnosis of stain accumulation can help you to know what is causing your dull or yellowed smile. Start your journey with a routine cleaning and examination so that you understand what is happening within your mouth.

Sometimes, discoloration can come from within the tooth itself, and in these instances, bleaching will be ineffective. If you immediately look to over-the-counter products, you could be causing unnecessary harm to your enamel, without seeing the results you desire. Enamel weakness is one of the leading causes of dentin sensitivity, so take care with your whitening.

The Comprehensive Benefits Of KöR Whitening

Our approach to your whitening procedure is a hybrid approach, giving you the best of both in-office and at-home treatment. KöR whitening starts with a minimally-invasive procedure in the dental chair, where we use the power of UV light to activate a lifting agent. By breaking up the molecular structure of these stains, this method aims to keep your existing enamel strong through the process.

KöR whitening also uses a set of trays for home whitening, which you will take with you after your appointment. After you initial visit to the dentist, see your enamel continue to improve over the course of the next few weeks!

Speedy Cosmetic Improvement In Des Moines

Before your significant event, take some time to speak with a trusted dental health professional about how to look your best on the big day. Schedule a time with Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA at (515)244-9565 and discover how teeth whitening can help you to improve your appearance!