A Gorgeous Smile After An Extraction

Older Des Moines IAThe loss of one or more of your existing natural teeth can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. For this reason, it is important to know your options for an elegant prosthodontic solution. This specialization of dentistry focuses on the replacement of your existing teeth with a prosthetic that you can use in your daily life. A dental bridge can provide a new chewing surface at the location of tooth loss.

Another form of replacement is through a dental implant placement process. This technique uses a technologically advanced procedure in which a titanium post permanently rests in your jaw. There is versatility in implants, as the prosthetic tooth atop can be replaced. For a single tooth or a full set of implant-supported dentures, there is a future after your extraction. Discuss your options with Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA to decide your next course of action in the replacement of your natural teeth!

Tooth Loss Becomes More Common With Age

If you are over the age of fifty, your bone density naturally starts to decline. Osteoporosis and even more minor loss of bone density can lead to the failure of your existing oral health structures. As your jaw recedes, a pocket develops next to the tooth. Bacteria form colonies in this area and the teeth might become loose.

As you age, take the time to learn about your options in prosthodontic repair. Illness such as cancer becomes more of a risk when you become older as well. This condition can lead to instances of tooth loss, and even the treatment of your cancer can make tooth loss a possibility.

Dental Bridges Share The Load

One helpful method of prosthodontic repair is a dental bridge. This technique relies upon the vigor of the teeth on either side of your gap. A durable hanging prosthetic is connected to dental crowns on these abutment teeth and this solution takes the place of your missing material. Speak to your dentist about this possibility if your smile is otherwise strong. They may steer you toward another option if there are possible future instances of loss.

Dental Implants Build Strength From The Jaw

Another form of tooth replacement is a dental implant. This process starts with a threaded titanium post and this material interacts positively with the human immune system. Your bone will actually heal around this metal post and create a lasting connection. A new prosthetic tooth can be affixed to the top of your post and give you a durable smile that looks wonderful.

Prosthodontic Options In Des Moines, IA

The replacement of your natural tooth is an important step after your extraction procedure. Call Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA 515-244-9565 for more information on how we craft lasting smiles. Look beautiful with an implant or dental bridge!