Don’t Ignore Discomfort In Your Smile

des moines toothache

When you have aches in your teeth, or if you have gums that feel sensitive and bleed easily, then you may have an oral health issue that needs immediate attention. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist discusses why you shouldn’t ignore this pain, and how our team can offer relief with restorations and more.


Do you have an ache in your tooth that lasts for more than a day, or sensitivity each time you eat or drink? While temporary aches could occur due to sinus and allergy issues, or even changes in elevation or temperature, these are short lived. Persistent pain could occur due to the onset of an advanced cavity, or even the early stages of a dental infection. Treatment is needed to not only bring relief, but prevent the loss of your tooth! Our team will carefully examine the teeth with digital technology to assess the position and event of your cavity or infection. For a cavity, we can remove decay, clean the tooth, and apply a lifelike composite resin we shade to blend with your tooth. We then reshape the tooth as the material cures, and polish it afterward. For an infection, we could use a root canal to remove infected tissues. We clean the interior of the tooth and add a restorative material, before capping it with a dental crown!

Bleeding Gums

If you notice sore, red, or bleeding gums, then you should let us know. This could indicate the presence of gum disease, and treatment is needed to manage them and prevent the onset of periodontitis, the advanced stage linked to gum disease. Often, we can perform a deep cleaning. Also known as a scaling and root planing, this involves using an ultrasonic sonic scaling device and a manual pick to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and the roots. This could take one visit or up to four, it all depends on the severity of your buildup. We then polish the teeth. This can reverse gingivitis or allow us to manage the disease with routine traditional cleaning every three to four months.

Starting Treatment

Now is a great time to start treatment! You can undergo care before the hectic holiday season arrives, and you can also use your 2022 dental benefits before they expire at the end of December. Don’t let the benefits you’ve earned and paid for expire without being used, give us a call today!


Our team wants to make sure you and your family maintain good oral health throughout the year. If you have any questions about how we ease pain in and around your smile, then contact your Des Moines, IA, dentist, Dr. Burds, by calling 515-244-9565.