Month: December 2021

Does Bleeding Gums Mean You Need A Periodontal Cleaning?

Periodontal disease could lead to uncomfortable symptoms and even the onset of adult tooth loss. But to help manage the disease, we could offer a periodontal cleaning, known as a scaling and root planing. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist talks about the wanting signs of the disease and the periodontal cleaning process.

Conservatively Restoring Cracked Teeth

While we are fortunate enough to have remarkably strong enamel protecting our teeth, injuries do happen. Even minor chips, cracks, and other visible harm can be a problem, as it can have an unsightly effect on your appearance. Of course, more serious injuries can lead to oral health difficulties that affect your general well-being as… Read more »

Taking Time For Your Checkup And Cleaning

There is still time to schedule a visit for a checkup and cleaning, and to start your new year with a healthier smile. These visits benefit people of all ages, from kids to adults. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist talks about the importance of taking time for a checkup and cleaning at… Read more »

We Help Sleep Apnea Sufferers Rest Better

When you have a serious issue like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or chronic snoring, then you may have trouble resting easy at night. To bring relief for your exhaustion and moodiness, your Des Moines, IA, dentist offers treatment for OSA. In today’s blog, we’re discussing how to recognize the symptoms, and how we put a… Read more »

Staying Cavity-Free During The Holidays

The holiday season is here, which means many of us will be tempted by our favorite seasonal treats, many of which are high in sugar or starch. This could increase the risk of cavities in the weeks and months to follow. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist talks about staying cavity-free during the… Read more »