A Custom Filling For Your Smile

des moines dental fillings

If you have a case of tooth decay, then your tooth could begin to ache or even develop a painful infection. To treat the issue and offer relief, we may suggest a filling. For a lifelike repair, your Des Moines, IA, dentist could create a custom-made filling with metal-free and lifelike composite resin material.

The Importance of Treating Tooth Decay

A cavity occurs when harmful bacteria make contact with the inner dentin. The dentin makes up most of the tooth structure and is very sensitive, but usually protected by the hard outer layer of enamel. Unfortunately, enamel could be compromised if a tooth is chipped or cracked, or poor oral hygiene could weaken and erode the layer. Once a cavity forms, it will grow in size and severity with time, eventually leading to painful infections or possibly even the loss of a tooth! If you experience pain in your smile, such as sensitivity or an ache that doesn’t pass with time, then please contact our team for an exam!

Custom Fillings

If we discover decay in your tooth, then we will offer a filling to treat the issue and prevent an infection. We begin by administering a numbing agent to the tooth, and then removing all decay. We clean the tooth and may gently etch the surface. We prepare the filling material, and then place it in several layers. Instead of using metal, we opt for composite resin, with can be color-matched to blend with your smile and is safe for people of all ages. The result is a lifelike restoration that blends with your smile! We then cure the composite resin under a light, and polish it for a more attractive appearance. The entire process only takes one visit to complete!

Cavity Prevention

What can be done to avoid future cases of tooth decay? Well, when you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes using a fluoride toothpaste, and floss thoroughly every evening, you remove stray food particles that bacteria consume. This prevents major plaque buildup and keeps enamel strong. You also help by cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, whjch feed harmful oral bacteria. You could also prevent cavities by seeing us every six months. We can identify the issue in the earliest stages, treating it before you experience discomfort. We also clean the teeth, removing harmful plaque and tartar buildup completely from the surfaces of your smile! If you have any questions, then give our team a call today!


We want to make sure you enjoy quality treatment for your cavity, with a restoration that looks natural. To find out more about our custom restorative dental treatments, please contact your Des Moines, IA, dentist, Dr. Burds, by calling 515-244-9565.