A Single-Visit Touchup With Dental Bonding

des moines dental bonding

What if we could, in only one visit, repair and touchup your smile? With cosmetic bonding and contouring, your Des Moines, IA, dentist wants to offer a solution for chipped and discolored teeth. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about each option, and how we use them to perfect smiles in only one sitting.

The Bonding Procedure

First, let’s talk about how the bonding procedure works. We use a special metal-free material to repair the tooth or mask esthetic issues. The composite resin we employ is a blend of glass and acrylic that we shade to blend with your tooth. In fact, we also use these in our tooth-colored dental fillings. The process starts with the dentist administering a numbing agent and then removing any decay and cleaning the tooth. We may etch the surfaces as well. The composite resin is applied in several layers, and then as the material cures underneath a special light, the dentist will sculpt and mold the tooth to ensure proper bite balance and an esthetically-pleasing appearance. The final step involves polishing the tooth for a more lifelike look. The entire process only takes one visit to complete!

The Esthetic Benefits

We may use this treatment to mask permanent teeth stains, the type of discoloration that professional teeth whitening and store-bought options may not respond to. We could also close any exposed spaces between the teeth, such as gaps or black triangle spaces. The procedure also repairs minor chips and cracks to prevent cavities and infection, and could lengthen the teeth worn down by bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. Finally, we could use the treatment to reshape malformed or misshapen teeth as well. All of this is possible in just one visit!

Tooth Contouring

Along with bonding, we could also provide tooth contouring. Again, the process only takes a single sitting to complete. Instead of adding material to the tooth to correct esthetic concerns, we actually remove structure. We gently sand and buff the outer structure to remove minor chips, dull sharp or pointed teeth, reshape malformed or overly large teeth, and the even smooth out rough patches, pits, and grooves in the outer surfaces. If you have any questions about these cosmetic procedures, or about our other options, such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy a more attractive smile in 2021.


Our team wants to offer a solution to issues with the shape and color of your teeth. For more information on cosmetic treatment options, or to schedule your appointment with our Des Moines, IA team, contact Gateway Dental Group by calling 515-244-9565 today.