Month: December 2020

Providing Relief For TMJ Disorder And Bruxism

When our jaw joints become strained, or our smile ends up imbalanced, this could lead to painful symptoms related to common disorders. TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) impact many of us, and unless treated, could mean serious trouble for our smiles. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist… Read more »

Preventing Disease with Periodontal Cleanings

Last week we discussed the dangers that can arise from internal infection and how you can prevent losing your tooth with a root canal treatment. While it is the step above extraction, there is yet more that can be done to prevent a tooth from becoming beyond saving. In this week’s blog post, your Des… Read more »

Protect Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy

When you have an infected tooth, this could mean pain when you eat and the risk of losing a tooth altogether. Fortunately, we have a treatment option to address an infection and return smiles to full function, health, and beauty. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist will talk about the benefits of a… Read more »

A Custom Filling For Your Smile

When you have a cavity, this could eventually lead to toothaches, and the risk of a lost tooth due to advanced infections or abscesses. To treat the tooth and prevent poor oral health, you need a dental filling. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist is going to explain how we create a custom… Read more »

How Do We Create A Smile Makeover?

We’ve been talking a lot about cosmetic dentistry lately. While we’ve outlined individual issues we can address with specific treatment options, what if you have several issues with the shape and color of your teeth? In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist explains how we offer smile makeovers to completely transform a smile, often… Read more »