We Can Touch-Up Your Smile In One Visit

repair with dental bonding

Did you know that we have a unique cosmetic treatment that can repair smiles in only one visit? With cosmetic dental bonding, your Des Moines, IA, dentist is here to repair damage and mask common esthetic concerns in a single sitting. In today’s blog, let’s learn about how we repair teeth with bonding, and what you can do to protect them from stains and injury.

The Dental Bonding Process

With dental bonding, we use the same lifelike material employed to create tooth-colored fillings. Composite resin is a blend of glass and acrylic that is metal-free and can be shaded to match the color of surrounding tooth structure. The material is also safe for people of all ages, and pregnant women. After we remove any decay, we will clean the tooth thoroughly and then prepare and apply the composite resin in several layers. We sculpt the tooth as the composite resin cures under a light. The final step involves polishing the tooth for a more lifelike and vibrant appearance. The whole process takes a single visit, so you leave our office with a transformed smile!

Cosmetic and Restorative Benefits

We can repair cracked or chipped teeth, helping your smile avoid painful cavities or infections. We also help lengthen teeth worn down by teeth grinding, and close unsightly gaps between them. Our team reshapes malformed or damaged teeth, too. Permanent teeth stains, which could be difficult to remove with traditional teeth whitening options, can be masked to instantly brighten your smile. In one sitting our team can transform the shape and color of your smile!

Keeping Your Smile Safe

To protect your restored smile, we suggest wearing a mouthguard when you play sports to avoid any further cracks or chips. Daily care also helps lower the risk of cavities or infections that could weaken the teeth, so be sure you brush twice a day for two minutes each session, and floss every night before going to bed. Make time to see us every six months too, so we can monitor your smile and offer treatment for concerns that develop in the earliest stages. If you have any questions about our approach to cosmetic treatments, or if you have damaged portions of your smile that need repair, then contact our team today.


Cosmetic dentistry allows us to do more than just mask stains, but to also repair injuries and damage too! To learn more about restoring the health and beauty of your smile with professional cosmetic treatment options, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, at (515) 244-9565.