Schedule Your Next Checkup

We’re finally starting to welcome patients back to our office! We’re instituting a number of new routines to protect health and safety, such as taking your temperature, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in between visits, social distancing in the waiting room and more. Which means if you’re overdue for a checkup with your Des Moines, IA, dentist, you should schedule your next visit soon!

The Value of Your Checkup

A dental checkup is a chance for our team to carefully examine your smile and assess the current state of your oral health. Having these visit periodically every six months means we can identify changes and possible areas of concern in the earliest stages, often before you begin to suffer from uncomfortable symptoms. Using advanced technology, we look at your teeth, gums, and oral structures, watching for issues like cavities, infection, abscesses, gingivitis, and gum disease. For adults, we screen once a year for oral cancer too. Remember, the sooner we discover a problem the sooner we can administer treatment and protect the health, beauty, and stability of your smile.

Cleaning Your Teeth

During your visit, we will also use an ultrasonic scaler and manual tool to carefully clean away all the plaque and tartar from your teeth, a process your toothbrush alone cannot accomplish. Removing plaque helps limit the risk of enamel erosion and gum inflammation, lowering the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. The process also helps improve your breath and brightens your teeth. After removing the buildup, we the polish the teeth for a brighter appearance and smoother finish. If you have high risk factors for gum disease, then we may suggest one every three to four months as opposed to six.

Common Warning Signs of Trouble

Outside of your routine visits, when should you alert our team about possible treatment? Well, if you notice your teeth are sensitive, feel sore, or hurt when you eat or speak, this could mean you have an advanced case of tooth decay, or possibly an infected tooth. If your gums feel sore, look red, or bleed easily, then this could mean gingivitis or even the early stages of gum disease, and treatment is crucial for avoiding worsening symptoms and the risk of periodontitis, the stage linked to adult tooth loss. If you have any questions about our approach to preventive dentistry, or if you’re ready to schedule your next checkup and cleaning.


Our team wants to help you enjoy a whole and healthy mile with routine visits for checkups and cleanings. To learn more about our approach to preventive exams and cleanings, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, at (515) 244-9565.