Month: April 2020

The Link Between Stress And Bruxism

Right now, there are a lot of reasons for people to experience higher than normal levels of stress. However, along with greater anxiety comes a higher risk of developing issues like bruxism, in which we grind our teeth on a regular basis. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA, dentist looks at the link between… Read more »

How Do I Keep My Teeth Bright While At Home?

At the moment, receiving professional whitening treatments isn’t possible, as we’re only offering emergency care for our Des Moines, IA, patients. With that in mind, what can you do to keep your smile bright and avoid discoloration until we can offer cosmetic treatment? If you have any questions about keeping your smile bright and vibrant,… Read more »

Be Sure To Choose Healthier Food Options!

When you go to the store, you’re likely picking up food to last for a good while, ensuring you can stay inside and help protect your community from the spread of COVID-19. However, you should keep your oral health in mind when you pick up foods and beverages. In today’s blog, your Des Moines, IA,… Read more »

Do You Have A Cavity?

If you have an ache in one of your teeth, or notice they feel sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks, this could mean you have a cavity. Once the discomfort is apparent, the decay is in the advanced stages and the risk of infection is elevated, so you may need to see our… Read more »

Treating Your Dental Infection

Your Des Moines, IA, dentist is currently only offering emergency care for our patients on a case-by-case basis. However, an infected tooth, or one with severe decay, still needs attention, as this could lead to major issues of your smile’s health, beauty, and function. When should you contact our team about an infection, and how… Read more »