Month: June 2019

Treating Infected Teeth In One Visit

A dental infection or abscessed tooth could mean serious trouble for smiles in Des Moines, IA. Without treatment, the tooth may even need to be extracted to prevent the spread of infection. Fortunately, we have a comfortable restorative treatment designed to address infections, and in just one visit! When should you have a root canal… Read more »

Stop Your Toothache With A Tooth-Colored Filling

If you have pain in your smile, this could mean you have a cavity that requires treatment. Without a restoration, the cavity could grow more severe until pain increases the risk of infection. In order to stop the aches and return your tooth to optimal health, function, and beauty, your Des Moines, IA, dentist may… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Smile Makeovers

When a Des Moines, IA, resident comes to us about cosmetic concerns, often the problem is about stained teeth or maybe misalignment. However, in some cases there may be multiple esthetic concerns with the shape, color, and alignment of the teeth. In order to help, we may offer a complete smile makeover, one that involves… Read more »

Invisalign® Provides A Clear (And Comfortable) Alternative To Braces

Don’t assume metal braces will be your only shot at correcting misalignment. In fact, we often help straighten smiles in Des Moines, IA, using the Invisalign® system. Instead of metal brackets and wires, we have clear acrylic aligners. Find out how this system helps teens and adults enjoy better oral health and a beautiful smile.