Root Canal Therapy Stops Dental Infection

When a tooth suffers an untreated cavity, or a severe injury, then an infection may arise. Without treatment, this could lead to an increased risk of tooth loss. Fortunately, we can help protect smiles in Des Moines, IA, with our root canal treatments. How does a root canal stop dental infection? What should our patients expect from this safe and comfortable restorative treatment?

How Does an Infection Form?

The issue often begins as untreated tooth decay. When bacteria can bypass the protective layer of outer enamel, often via injury or simply poor oral hygiene, then it reaches the dentin below. Dentin makes up most of our tooth structure and is very sensitive. Tooth decay then forms, which will continue to grow and spread until bacteria reaches the inner pulp. Your tooth’s nerve center, the pulps keeps our teeth alive and healthy. You may then experience an infected tooth.

Signs You Need Treatment

If you crack or chip a tooth, then let us know right away. Even if no damage is visible after an injury, keep in mind that fractures are often practically invisible to the naked eye. Warning signs of a possible infected tooth could include tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, a persistent toothache, swelling near a tooth, fever, a discharge from the tooth, or pain when chewing or speaking. Don’t ignore persistent pain in your smile, please let us know right away. If left untreated, a severely infected tooth could require extraction to prevent the problem from reaching surrounding teeth or the jawbone itself.

The Root Canal Treatment

A root canal begins with your Des Moines dental team administering a local anesthetic, or possibly sedation as well. We next open the tooth and remove the infected tissue from within. We then clean the tooth thoroughly below filling it with a restorative material known as gutta percha. Next, we cure the material and cap the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. The crown will be created using lifelike materials, ensuring a natural appearance while also protecting the tooth from further decay or infection. When you leave, you’ll enjoy a healthy tooth that blends with the rest of your smile. Don’t put your smile at risk, talk to our team when you experience severe discomfort. Remember, routine six-month checkups and cleanings also offer an opportunity for our team to examine your smile and offer treatment in the earliest stages.


With our endodontic treatments, we help treat and restore infected teeth, preserving your smile’s health and appearance. Our practice is ready to help families in and around Des Moines, IA enjoy beautiful smiles with our restorative treatment options. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (515) 244-9565.