How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?

Losing your teeth means a serious decline in your overall oral health, as well as complications eating and speaking. In order to replace missing teeth, we offer our Des Moines, IA, patients an array of treatment options, from dentures to implant dentistry. Find out what your options are for addressing tooth loss!

Dental Bridges

What if you’ve lost a single tooth? We may fill the gap in your smile with a dental bridge. The prosthetic contains your new teeth and features crowns attached to each end. We prepare the natural teeth on either side o the gap, placing the crowns on them. This secures the new teeth, providing a sturdy and lifelike solution to missing teeth. We may use them to address between one and three lost teeth in a row. With proper care and attention, a dental bridge can last between 10 and 15 years.

Dental Implants

Did you know we have an option that is inserted into your jaw, bonding with the bone tissue and acting like a new tooth root? Dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium material, ensuring they remain securely in place for decades. We then add a custom-made restoration to address the visible portion of your smile. A dental crown looks natural and provide a secure, long-lasting solution to tooth loss. We can replace a single lost tooth, or use multiple dental implants to address more advanced cases of tooth loss.

Full and Partial Dentures

What if you’ve lost a majority or your teeth, or all of them? Then you may benefit from a set of dentures. For those with multiple missing teeth, even if these gaps are spread out across the arch, we may suggest a partial. The prosthetic contains the new teeth, an acrylic base designed to mimic gum tissue, and metal clasps to attach to the remaining natural teeth and secure your new ones in place.

If you’ve lost all of your teeth on one or both arches, then you may need a complete denture. The prosthetic features a full row of replacement teeth and an acrylic base. Natural suction holds the new teeth in place, restoring your smile.

Our dentures can removable, or fixed using dental implants. To learn more about our tooth replacement options, please talk to our team today. We want to find the tooth loss solution that is right for you, helping you enjoy a full and beautiful smile!


We want to fill the gaps in your smile with lifelike dental prosthetics. Our practice is ready to help families in and around Des Moines, IA enjoy beautiful smiles with missing teeth replacement options. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (515) 244-9565.