Month: January 2019

Do Dental Implants Really Last A Lifetime?

Seeking a tooth replacement for a missing tooth helps ensure you maintain healthy smiles. There are a number of different options available for those with lost teeth, such as bridges or dentures. However, none offer the same range of benefits as dental implants. Often, our Des Moines, IA, patients want to know if dental implants… Read more »

How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?

Losing your teeth means a serious decline in your overall oral health, as well as complications eating and speaking. In order to replace missing teeth, we offer our Des Moines, IA, patients an array of treatment options, from dentures to implant dentistry. Find out what your options are for addressing tooth loss!

Root Canal Therapy Stops Dental Infection

When a tooth suffers an untreated cavity, or a severe injury, then an infection may arise. Without treatment, this could lead to an increased risk of tooth loss. Fortunately, we can help protect smiles in Des Moines, IA, with our root canal treatments. How does a root canal stop dental infection? What should our patients… Read more »

When Do You Need An Inlay And Onlay?

When our teeth become damaged, or if they develop issues with tooth decay, then a restoration is needed. To help repair smiles in Des Moines, IA, we sometimes offer patients partial crowns. When does your smile need an inlay and onlay? How do they restore smiles?