Month: December 2018

Creating Natural Looking Dental Fillings

If our Des Moines, IA, patients experience tooth decay, then we have a lifelike solution. With our dental fillings, we help stop the progression of cavities and repair teeth in just one visit. Let’s look at the benefits of our natural looking tooth-colored fillings.

Providing A Custom Dental Crown For Your Injured Tooth

Sometimes, a person who protects themselves against cavities will wind up needing oral health care. While brushing, flossing, and avoiding sugar can defend you against decay, these actions will not help you ward off physical trauma. Fortunately, you do have access to fantastic support from your Des Moines, IA dentist when you need to address… Read more »

Will Invisalign® Offer Clear Smile Correction?

Just because you have an uneven smile doesn’t mean you need metal orthodontics. Instead, we can help our Des Moines, IA, patients enjoy a straighter smile with clear Invisalign® braces. How does this system work and what benefits will Invisalign® offer over metal braces?

What Makes Veneers A Great Choice For Smile Makeovers?

If you live in Des Moines, IA, and want a smile makeover, we may suggest placing porcelain veneers. These thin restorations help our patients obtain a stunning new smile, addressing multiple cosmetic issues in as little as two visits. What makes them such a great choice for a smile makeover?

How Does Bonding Offer Smile Touch-Ups?

If you have a smile in need of a touch-up, then talk to our Des Moines, IA, team. We have a cosmetic treatment that can repair teeth in a single visit, whether they’ve become damaged or developed an oral health issue. How does bonding touch-up smiles and what should patients expect from the procedure?