How Do You Repair Cracked Teeth?

Despite being coated in tooth enamel, the strongest substance in the human body, our teeth still sustain damage from sports injuries or other accidents. While we often repair minor chips with bonding, what about a dental fracture? Without treatment, a cracked tooth could pose serious danger for smiles in Des Moines, IA.

The Dangers of Dental Fractures

Dental fractures could occur due to an injury on the court, biting down on a hard object, or as a result of teeth grinding. Teeth weakened by advanced decay or infection may also be likely to cracks. In many cases, these cracks are practically invisible to the naked eye. They expose the sensitive inner layers of dentin to harmful bacteria, leading to cavities and a greater risk of infection or abscess. If you sustain in jury but don’t see any visible damage, we still suggest scheduling a visit, especially if you begin to experience tooth sensitivity afterward.

Dental Crowns

In many cases, we correct the issue with a dental crown. The restoration fits over the tooth’s visible structure and will be created from a variety of materials, such as ceramic or zironia. If possible, we take steps to create natural looking ones that blend with the smile. A crown may address a fracture and restore the health, appearance, and function of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

If the dental fracture has allowed the tooth to develop severe tooth decay or possibly an infection, then a restoration may not be enough. To preserve the tooth and prevent the spread of infection, we may suggest a root canal procedure. After administering an anesthetic to ensure comfortable experience, we remove the infected tissue and replace it with a restorative filling. We then add a custom-made dental crown. The procedure addresses the fracture and protects the tooth from further decay or pain.

Gateway Dental Group Restores Damaged Smiles

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