Month: April 2018

Can Veneers Offer A Smile Makeover?

We have a number of cosmetic treatment options available to help improve your smile’s beauty. However, one particular procedure can actually transform your smile, offering a smile makeover in as little as two visits. How do veneers improve the appearance of your teeth?

Quiz: How Do I Respond To A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency involves any sudden pain or damage to your teeth, gums or oral tissues. As long as the issue is not life threatening, we can offer treatment, even outside of normal office hours. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how to respond to common dental emergency situations.

How Do Inlays And Onlays Differ From Crowns?

We have a number of restorations to repair teeth, whether they’ve developed decay or infections, or whether they have become cracked or chipped. In addition to dental crowns, we also offer inlays and onlays. How do these restorations differ from one another?

How Do You Fix A Cracked Tooth?

Occasionally, our teeth can become damaged. When a crack appears, treatment is necessary to avoid complications, such as decay or infection. But how do we fix a cracked tooth? Often, we can accomplish this using a lifelike dental restoration.