Quiz: How Different Beverage Choices Can Impact Your Smile

There are obvious steps you can take to protect your smile from the threat of tooth decay. Making sure to floss and brush effectively will certainly help, and so will regular dental exams. However, there are additional measures you can take if you want to avoid a need for restorative dental treatment. Our diets have a tremendous impact on our general health, and your choices can have a particular effect on your dental health. You might not realize it, but the decisions you make regarding what beverages to drink can cause cosmetic and health concerns for your teeth. Obviously, you should watch out for sugary drinks, but there are other factors. For instance, drinking alcohol can dry out your mouth. Because saliva is partly responsible for our cavity defense, this can put you at a higher risk for decay.


True Or False: Drinking water that contains fluoride will help you protect your teeth against decay, and make it easier to avoid cavities.

True Or False: Juices that are more acidic can soften your enamel, making you more likely to suffer from tooth decay, or have changes made to your smile.

True Or False: Coffee and tea can cause stains to gather on your teeth.


True! Water with fluoride can make it easier for you to fight tooth decay. Many municipal water sources contain fluoride.

True! Acidic beverages like soft drinks and orange juice can potentially soften your enamel. When this occurs, it will be easier for bacteria and food particles to stick to teeth.

True! Coffee and tea both leave behind compounds that can have a negative effect on the color of your smile. As the problem worsens, you may find that it takes a professional teeth whitening to improve your appearance.

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