Different Approaches To Restoring A Tooth With A Cavity

As a cavity grows over time, the threat it poses can become more significant. Even a small cavity is a concern that needs your dentist’s attention, but a cavity that causes internal problems for your tooth can be especially troublesome. Your dentist is prepared to offer the appropriate restorative dental care to help you eliminate the threat posed by a cavity. If your decay is caught in its earlier stages, a dental filling can be provided after the infected enamel has been removed from your tooth. A cavity that reaches the interior of your tooth will call for a root canal treatment. People can become uneasy when they hear they need a root canal, but you should know that your dentist can provide excellent care during this procedure, and manage potential discomfort.

Why Long-Term Support Is Required For A Tooth That Experiences A Cavity

A cavity at any stage will cause permanent damage, and you will need permanent protection for your tooth. Without that support, your tooth can be weakened, and you can face an elevated risk for a future infection. Dental fillings and dental crowns can be counted on to offer support that will last for many years. If you find yourself with a damaged restoration, let your dentist know – a replacement is important for protecting your tooth.

Enjoying Support From A Discreet, Natural-Looking Restoration

A restoration using modern dental materials can do more than just protect your tooth, they can also preserve its appearance. Both fillings and crowns can be made from material that closely matches the color and texture of your enamel. That means you will not have to worry that your smile is going to be forever changed after you experience a cavity!

Talk To Gateway Dental Group About Receiving Help When You Have A Cavity

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