Month: March 2018

Quiz: How Does Invisalign® Correct Smiles?

With braces, metal brackets and arch wires use tension to reposition your teeth. However, few adults or teens are eager to wear metal orthodontics. Fortunately, our team can provide a practically invisible alternative using clear aligners. How does Invisalign® correct smiles?

A Special Dental Cleaning To Help Protect Your Gums

A professional dental cleaning is provided to patients whenever they come in for a routine dental checkup. During this cleaning, your hygienist is able to remove plaque, food debris, and tartar found on your teeth. For many patients, this cleaning is all they need. However, those individuals who show signs of gum disease can require… Read more »

Quiz: How Different Beverage Choices Can Impact Your Smile

There are obvious steps you can take to protect your smile from the threat of tooth decay. Making sure to floss and brush effectively will certainly help, and so will regular dental exams. However, there are additional measures you can take if you want to avoid a need for restorative dental treatment. Our diets have… Read more »

Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Changed Your Smile?

As we age, our teeth can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Because biting and chewing create friction, some change to the condition of your smile will inevitably take place. With that said, you may be causing an excess of harm to your teeth if you tend to clench your jaw, especially if… Read more »

Different Approaches To Restoring A Tooth With A Cavity

As a cavity grows over time, the threat it poses can become more significant. Even a small cavity is a concern that needs your dentist’s attention, but a cavity that causes internal problems for your tooth can be especially troublesome. Your dentist is prepared to offer the appropriate restorative dental care to help you eliminate… Read more »