Why People Lose Teeth

When we were children, losing a tooth meant we were one step closer to adulthood. Not to mention, a visit from the tooth fairy. As adults, though, losing a tooth is nowhere near as exciting. There is no bigger, stronger, better tooth underneath to replace it, and we don’t get anything for the loss except for the burden of having to deal with it. Since they’re often referred to as permanent teeth, it makes sense to wonder why people lose them. The truth is, they shouldn’t.

The Causes of Tooth Loss

It happens so often that you might think tooth loss is just a natural part of aging. Gray hair, wrinkled skin, and dentures can all seem like part of the same package. It’s a practical assumption, but a false one. Healthy teeth are designed to last for life, and the most common causes of tooth loss are conditions that can usually be prevented—like gum disease. Of course, there are many cases where a tooth is forcibly knocked from its socket due to an accident. Or, a congenital issue causes a tooth to grow so out of alignment that it has to be removed to fix the rest of your smile. These and other cases may not be preventable; but when tooth loss occurs, you can avoid losing more teeth by knowing how to deal with the loss properly.

How to Deal With It

The best way to deal with tooth loss is to prevent it. Since a majority of adults lose teeth to things like gum disease, keeping your smile healthy with good hygiene and consistent preventive dental care are essential. Next to prevention, the next best option is to replace the tooth as soon as possible, preferably with a dental implant. Once the cause of your tooth loss is cleared up (your gum disease is treated, or the rest of your teeth are ready for orthodontic treatment), then your dentist can suggest placing a dental implant where the tooth’s root once lay. Your jawbone will fuse to the post, making it a permanent part of your jawbone and allowing the post to support a lifelike replacement crown.

Find Out How to Prevent or Deal With Tooth Loss

Preventing tooth loss is possible, but when it occurs, dealing with it is much easier with the health of dental implants. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, at (515) 244-9565.