How to Keep Your Smile Bright and Stain-Free

Though it may be tough to admit sometimes, you’re smile may not be as bright as it can be. Years of use and the remnants of past meals can leave their mark on your smile’s appearance, gradually diminishing its luster. With the right care and maintenance, however, you can help ensure that your smile retains its brilliant shine. Today, we explore how to preserve the bright, healthy appearance of your teeth, and how professional teeth-whitening can restore its shine when it needs a boost.

Avoiding Teeth Stains

Like most dental health issues, prevention is the best defense against a dull smile. Since teeth commonly stain from the food and beverages you consume, diligence is an important factor in tooth stain prevention. The enamel that surrounds and protects your teeth is more vulnerable to stains when it’s weakened by acid attacks, which originate with oral bacteria that contribute to dental plaque formation. These germs produce acid after consuming sugars and carbs from your diet, so limiting snacks, as well as brushing and flossing often, can help preserve your enamel’s strength and stain resistance.

Teeth-Whitening to Erase Stains

Nobody’s perfect, and tooth stains may occur even in light of your best efforts to prevent them. If they do, then erasing them and restoring your smile’s confidence could be easier than you may think. For patients who wish for a brighter smile in just one visit, in-office teeth-whitening treatment can dramatically brighten your smile in as little as an hour. To whiten your teeth at your own leisure, your dentist can custom-design a set of trays that allow you to evenly apply the professional-strength bleaching agent to your teeth’s surfaces. After about two weeks, your teeth will shine brighter than ever, and you can keep the trays to touch up your smile whenever you see fit.

Learn More About Professional Teeth-Whitening

With a few improvements to your hygiene routine and the help of professional teeth-whitening, when necessary, you can keep your smile bright and stain-free for much longer. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, at (515) 244-9565.