A Few Things Dental Implants Can Help You Avoid

If you lose one or more teeth, then replacing it as soon as possible is the best way to protect your oral health from the many serious consequences of tooth loss. However, even with a lifelike dental bridge or denture, the loss of your teeth can continue to affect your oral health in several ways that can also impact your replacement teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can help you avoid these impacts to your smile by replacing the roots of your lost and supporting your prosthesis with the same reliable stability as your healthy, natural teeth roots.

A shifting bridge or denture

Today’s dental bridges and dentures are custom-designed to closely resemble the size, shape, and appearance of your healthy teeth. Over time, however, your custom-designed prosthesis can begin to shift uncomfortably as they lose their grip. Implants, which act as anchors for your replacement teeth, help eliminate this shifting by providing a support system that remains in place for life.

The need for clasps and abutment teeth

In addition to shifting replacement teeth, implants also help you avoid the need for hidden clasps, dental adhesives, and the need to modify teeth to support a dental bridge. Known as abutment teeth, these support the crowns that stabilize a traditional bridge, yet modifying them can affect the integrity of your natural teeth. Dental implants offer the most realistic support, mimicking the structure of a healthy tooth root so that you don’t have to modify your healthy teeth.

Further tooth loss

After losing the roots of your teeth, your jawbone loses some of the stimulation that it needs to stay strong and healthy. This can lead to gradual jawbone erosion that leaves your dental ridge unable to support all of your teeth. As prosthetic teeth roots, dental implants restore this stimulation so that your body continues to send your jawbone an ample supply of essential minerals and nutrients.

Learn More About the Benefits of Dental Implants

With the help of dental implants, you can rebuild your smile while also avoiding most of the serious complications associated with tooth loss. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds by calling Gateway Dental Group in downtown Des Moines, IA, at (515) 244-9565.