Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Your Gums

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Your GumsThink your smile is healthy? You might want to take a closer look. Even if your teeth seem clean and cavity-free, your gums could be in trouble? Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. Fortunately, you don’t have to be among them. With proper dental cleanings, you can help to protect both your teeth and gums. That said, if your gums are already showing symptoms of gingivitis, a dentist visit is certainly in order. Prompt treatment could be key to restoring your gums’ health, which is important to protecting your entire smile.

Know the Symptoms of Gingivitis

One simple way you can help to protect your smile is by knowing the warning signs of gingivitis. That is, your gums could already be indicating to you that they are in trouble. What should you watch for?

  • Color – healthy gums should be a light pink tone. If your gums are dark red or even purple, it could be due to infection.
  • Irritation – gums that are easily irritated, could also be indicators of gingivitis. This could mean that they bleed when brushing or flossing.
  • Inflammation – in some cases, the gums may be visibly inflamed, as well.
  • Breath – many people don’t realize that chronic bad breath can also be an indicator of infected gum tissue.

Seek Treatment Promptly If Your Smile Could Be In Trouble

Dental cleanings can help to remove tartar that is present on the surface of the teeth. However, if your gums are already suffering from gingivitis, the dentist may decide that a more extensive treatment is in order. Periodontal cleanings usually involve scaling and root planning, which help to breakup bacteria that has lodged along the gumline.

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