Stop Bruxism Before Serious Dental Damage Starts To Occur

If you fail to take timely action against bruxism, you could find yourself sitting in the dentist’s chair having restorative work done on chipped or cracked teeth. Your jaws are capable of exerting incredible force. When you grind your teeth at night, that force is being applied directly against your teeth, leading to wear and tear, and potentially serious trouble. Your dentist can intervene by providing you with a mouth guard that keeps your teeth protected. Many people who deal with bruxism also have to deal with TMJ dysfunction. If you are experiencing pain because of either problem, your dentist can help.

Using A Custom Mouth Guard To Keep Your Teeth Safe At Night

In order to protect your smile at night, your dentist will have a custom mouth guard made for you. When you wear it, it will keep your upper and lower teeth from grinding while you sleep. Without the guard, you will be vulnerable to potentially serious dental damage.

Be Sure To Seek Care If You Develop TMJ Problems

TMJ problems can be experienced in the form of difficult jaw movement, or discomfort. Because your jaw is controlled by your trigeminal nerve, dysfunction can lead to chronic headaches, and pain felt in your face and neck. A special oral appliance can put your jaw joints in better alignment, and alleviate your pain.

Routine Dental Care Protects You From More Than Just Cavities

During a routine dental exam, your dentist keeps an eye out for signs that might suggest a teeth grinding problem, and they can talk to you about possible TMJ pains. Routine checkups are an effective way to make sure your oral health needs are being fully addressed – without these visits, problems can develop and worsen.

Talk To Dr. Burds About Putting A Stop To Bruxism

Bruxism and TMJ dysfunction need to be addressed. Dr. Burds at Gateway Dental Group can provide you with an oral appliance that will protect your teeth, and help protect you against ongoing discomfort. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (515) 244-9565. Located in Des Moines, IA, we are proud to welcome patients from the Des Moines metro area, and all neighboring and nearby communities.