Want a Straighter Smile without Metal Braces?

Want a Straighter Smile without Metal Braces?Have you always regretted not wearing braces as a teenager, because you now feel insecure about your poorly aligned teeth? If so, don’t keep wishing you could change the past. Instead, start talking to your cosmetic dentist about how Invisalign treatment could change your smile for the better. Invisalign can help patients with poorly aligned teeth achieve straighter, more evenly spaced teeth without resorting to spending months or even years in uncomfortable metal braces. That’s because Invisalign relies on a series of clear aligner trays to help gradually shift the teeth into straighter alignment. Could it be the right solution for your smile?

Invisalign Treatment Could Be Ideal for You

If you have been embarrassed by spacing issues between your teeth, or even alignment problems that make it difficult to chew comfortably, Invisalign could provide a great and more discreet alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign relies on a series of trays made from a BPA-free clear plastic, to help gradually shift teeth. To do so, the trays should be worn between 20 and 22 hours a day. Because the trays are metal-free, they provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Most people won’t notice that you are wearing the clear trays, during treatment, allowing for confidence
  • There is no risk of scratching oneself, since there is no metal involved
  • The trays can be easily removed to allow for better dental hygiene practices, during treatment, as well as improved comfort during eating
  • This also means patients don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in their teeth, while eating
  • The trays can easily be changed out, allowing for fewer visits to the cosmetic dentist during treatment than are traditionally required during orthodontic treatment

Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry?

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