Month: June 2017

Is Snoring A Sign Of Something Serious?

Snoring can be quite a burdensome and embarrassing problem to have. If you snore, it may keep your partner awake at night. If it’s loud enough, it might keep the whole family awake at night. If you have been told that you frequently snore, you may want to check in with your dentist as snoring… Read more »

Want a Straighter Smile without Metal Braces?

Have you always regretted not wearing braces as a teenager, because you now feel insecure about your poorly aligned teeth? If so, don’t keep wishing you could change the past. Instead, start talking to your cosmetic dentist about how Invisalign treatment could change your smile for the better. Invisalign can help patients with poorly aligned… Read more »

Got a Cavity? Talk to Your Dentist About a Filling

When was the last time you enjoyed a meal or even a beverage without discomfort or outright tooth pain getting in your way? When suffering from cavities and other dental problems, once simple and enjoyable daily activities can become marred by the discomfort caused by poor oral health. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry makes it possible… Read more »

Do Your Gums Need More Intensive Care?

Have you noticed your gums looking weird lately? Namely, do they seem red or irritated? Perhaps you have even noticed that they bleed when you floss. If so, these could be warning signs of gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. Left unaddressed, the condition can worsen, eventually leading to loss of teeth,… Read more »