Do I Really Need to Go for Annual Dental Cleanings?

Do I Really Need to Go for Annual Dental Cleanings?In an effort to save money, time or both, have you recently been considering skipping out on your next preventive dental appointment? At times, many people are tempted to forego preventive dentistry, thinking it can’t really be all that necessary if there are no visible problems or comfort-related issues while chewing. Unfortunately, skipping cleanings and checkups is a great way to develop more progressed dental issues down the road, such as cavities or even tooth infections. If you want to protect your smile from painful and often expensive restorative care in the future, it is incredibly important to see the dentist routinely for simple preventive care.

What Happens at a Dental Cleaning?

During a routine checkup and cleaning the dentist will need to examine your smile to see if any burgeoning issues have developed. Discoloration and tooth sensitivity are common indicators of dental cavities, for instance. An x-ray might also be required in order to properly assess the health of the teeth.

The dentist will then thoroughly clean the teeth, taking extra care to remove any calcified tartar buildup that might be present, as tartar is the leading cause of cavities, as well as the development of a chronic condition known as gum disease.

Many people don’t realize that calcified tartar can only be removed through professional cleanings, which is just one of the many reasons regular visits are so crucial to one’s smile.

How Often Do I Need to See the Dentist?

For most patients, dentists recommend visiting for a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year. This is simply a generalized guideline, however. Diet, dental hygiene, and hereditary factors can all affect one’s oral health. You might find that more frequent cleanings are necessary to properly protect your teeth. So be open to your dentist’s advice about how frequently you should be visiting, in order to properly protect your pearly whites!

Overdue for a Dental Appointment?

Preventive checkups and cleanings are essential to oral health. You can schedule your next visit with Gateway Dental Group in Des Moines, IA, today at (515) 244-9565.