Month: March 2017

Which Is Best for My Dental Health?

Whether you enjoyed great oral health last year or suffered from many dental problems, chances are you started this year with hopes of protecting your dental health. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile? Preventive care isn’t complicated, but it does require that you form some healthy habits at-home. Combined… Read more »

Ready to Dazzle? Time for Cosmetic Treatment!

Do you look in the mirror and feel disappointed by the smile you see? Have you been dreaming of a brighter and more beautiful smile, lately? Most people begin to notice imperfections in their smiles over time, flaws that can start to make a smile look even older than it actually is. For instance, staining… Read more »

Do Your Parents Need Dental Treatment?

Now that your kids have moved out on their own, do you find more and more of your time and attention being drawn to your aging parents? It can be difficult navigating the changing roles you’ll lead as the adult child of senior adults. In addition to doctor’s visits and general care, though, it’s important… Read more »

Say Hello to Better Oral Health with These Simple Tips

Was 2016 a year filled with several restorative dental visits, either because of cavities, periodontitis, or other oral health concerns? If so, you likely began this year with one resolution at the forefront of your mind – to take better care of your smile. After all, few physical attributes have a bigger impact on your… Read more »