Should I Be Concerned That I Chipped a Tooth?

Should I Be Concerned About a Chipped Tooth?Did you recently chip or crack a tooth while eating? Was it caused by chewing on a hard candy or food or even a non-food item, like a pencil or a piece of ice? Perhaps you were involved in a work accident or damaged your smile while playing a sport. Whatever the cause of the trauma, restorative treatment could be necessary to protecting and restoring your smile. Trauma to the teeth often creates visible damage, like chips and cracks. Unfortunately, it can also lead to intrinsic damage, which could be easily overlooked or completely unnoticeable. Fortunately, restorative dental treatment makes it possible to address issues, both intrinsic and cosmetic, in a way that allows for increased comfort and confidence.

Why Restoration Is Important

When the teeth become damaged, after trauma, injury or accident, it is important to seek restorative treatment promptly. That is because whether the problem is highly visible or not, the interior of the tooth could have been negatively impacted. Dental x-rays are often the best way to determine the extent of any damaged created, and then to devise a treatment plan, accordingly.

You Can Enjoy Cosmetic and Functional Benefits

In many cases, damage to a tooth calls for a restoration like a dental crown, to help prevent worsening problems, over time. For instance, a dental crown can bear the brunt of one’s chewing, preventing chips and cracks from worsening with wear.

Crowns can even help teeth that have been negatively impacted by decay, like deeply progressed cavities. Perhaps best of all, dental crowns can be made to blend nearly seamlessly within the smile, allowing for cosmetic benefits, as well as the functional ones.