Month: January 2017

Want to Get a Dental Cavity? Here’s How!

Do you ever think, “Man; I sure wish I could get a cavity?” Probably not. Unfortunately, some studies indicate that more than 90 percent of the adults in America will struggle with tooth decay. Preventive dental care is the best way to protect the teeth from erosion. That said there are some steps that all… Read more »

Got Questions About Your Smile?

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, or frequently hitting Google during the day, in an effort to answer your pressing dental questions? Most people want to do all they can to protect their smiles, but they struggle to understand what preventive care is really key to the smile’s health. Others either feel too… Read more »

Wish Your Smile Was Brighter? Time to Speak with a Cosmetic Dentist

When you watch television or movies, is it the stars’ smiles, instead of the storylines, that most catch your attention? Could that be because of your own dental insecurity, namely the embarrassment you feel about your teeth’s deep discoloration? Most people struggle with staining of their teeth over time. That is because, while the teeth’s… Read more »

Should I Be Concerned That I Chipped a Tooth?

Did you recently chip or crack a tooth while eating? Was it caused by chewing on a hard candy or food or even a non-food item, like a pencil or a piece of ice? Perhaps you were involved in a work accident or damaged your smile while playing a sport. Whatever the cause of the… Read more »

Time For A New Toothbrush

The new year is a great time to replace your old toothbrush if you haven’t done it in a while. The American Dental Association recommends that you replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. This of course, depends on how you take care of your toothbrush, how often you use it, and how vigorously… Read more »