Start the New Year with a Newly Restored Smile

Restore Your Smile This YearJanuary is right around the corner, now, which means it is almost time to create a new set of resolutions. That said, there is no reason you can’t resolve to take better care of your smile, now, before the new year even begins. If you are concerned that you could already be dealing with a dental issue, like a cavity, chip or crack, it is actually important to see the restorative dentist, lest the problem grow worse. Fortunately, December is actually a great time to address those or any other dental issues you could be struggling with, that way you can start next year with a healthy and beautiful smile!

Don’t Delay Treatment If Your Smile Is Damaged

Many people don’t realize that the teeth are strong, but unable to repair themselves. This means that dental problems, like cavities, will only worsen over time. Untreated, what were once simple cavities can progress to painful infections, and the restorative treatment necessary will become more extensive.

To prevent the need for invasive treatment, like root canal therapy, it is best to see the dentist at the first signs of trouble, such as heightened sensitivity, discomfort, visible wear (like a chip or jagged edges), or after any trauma involving the smile.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort with Restorative Treatment

Fortunately, many modern restorative treatments are designed to be both cosmetically and functionally beneficial. So you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed to smile, due to visible restoration, like a metal filling or crown. For instance, tooth-colored fillings are created to be seamless protection for teeth affected by decay. Porcelain dental crowns are also beautiful and natural-looking restorative options.