Resolutions for Stronger Teeth

resolutions-for-stronger-teethIt’s time to ring in the new year and that means New Year’s Resolution time for many of us. If you are one of the lucky ones who can stick to your new year changes, more power to you. Statistically, as many as 92% of us don’t keep resolutions past the first week or two. One reason for abandoning resolutions is making them unrealistic. Think about these practical, realistic dental resolution, that could have helpful preventive care results. Resolve to keep these resolutions throughout 2017!

Resolve to Ask Us About Topical Fluoride

Fluoride ions help in the remineralization of tooth enamel, and strengthens the teeth against weakening from normal acids present in eating and disgestion. You probably drink fluoridated water, which is one way to put fluoride into your system. Both adults and children can benefit from additional, periodic applications of topical fluoride, applied directly to the teeth, by a dental professional.

Resolve to Step Up Your Oral Hygiene

Make a resolution to step up your oral health routine (or maintain an excellent routine if you already have one.) For most of us, this means a time commitment of 5-10 minutes per day. Use good brushing techniques for about two minutes, at least twice a day. Floss daily, to get between teeth and at the gumline. Visit our office twice a year (or when you have a dental question or an issue arises.)

Resolve to Eat with Tooth Health in Mind

  • Your teeth are a living part of you, and your diet can affect tooth health.
  • Make sure you get adequate calcium in your diet (or through supplements)
  • Make sure you get adequate vitamin D in your diet (or through supplements)
  • Limit snack times, so food particles are not constantly in contact with the teeth—Think about fresh, crunchy, non-sweet foods for snack time
  • Limit sugared beverages, and use a straw when drinking them
  • Drink plenty of water