TRUE OR FALSE: Root Canal Treatment

quiz-time-root-canal-treatmentIt’s hard to hear the words “root canal treatment” and not think something negative. While the ideal situation is that we all have perfectly healthy teeth for all of our lives, the reality is, that may not happen. When an unhealthy tooth situation develops, sometimes the best answer is the restorative treatment of root canal therapy. Let us offer you reassurance that we will always discuss options with you, and make sure you are comfortable during treatment. If you don’t know much about root canal therapy, we are always happy to answer questions!

Q1: The First Step in Root Canal Treatment is to Pull the Tooth.

A1: FALSE! A root canal treatment is designed to save the tooth, and keep it in your mouth. During a root canal treatment, the infected area is cleaned and filled. The tooth roots are left in place. Depending on the condition of the visible tooth area, we may discuss covering or supporting that area by placing a dental crown.

Q2: There is No Harm in Ignoring an Aching Tooth 

A2: FALSE! The sooner you alert us to a painful tooth, or a change in tooth color or tooth sensitivity, the sooner we can help you find a solution. It may be something minor, and we can put your mind at ease. If it does need attention, is always easier to address a cavity in the early stages. If a tooth has a small crack or chip, prompt attention may fix the problem before it gets larger or more severe.

Q3: Using Teeth as Tools Can Lead to Problems

A3: TRUE! Using teeth to open packages or nip off fingernails could accidentally fracture a tooth. Small fractures can be an avenue for bacteria to get past protective tooth enamel, and cause decay inside the tooth. Bruxism can increase the likelihood of tooth fractures  as can playing contact sports. Talk to us about custom mouthguards to help prevent tooth damage in both of those situations.