Tis The Season for a Smile Makeover

Holiday Ready with Cosmetic DentistryAre you looking forward to the holiday season, but not feeling quite ready for all the obligatory photo ops that will come along with it? In fact, is the only thing you really want this Christmas a smile, of which, you can actually feel proud? If you have spent the whole year, or even several, wishing your smile looked better, brighter, or simply more beautiful, now is actually a great time to speak with your cosmetic dentist about how to go about making those dreams a reality, instead of something on your wish list to Santa. There is still time to give yourself the gift of a great smile, if you schedule a smile makeover consultation now!

Is Professional Teeth Whitening What Your Smile Needs?

One of the most common forms of smile enhancements is professional teeth whitening treatment. That is because staining is the most common esthetic issue faced by patients of all ages. Over time, the foods you enjoy, and especially the drinks, can begin to stain the porous enamel of the teeth. Fortunately, professional whitening uses safe but effective ingredients to help break up these surface stains, revealing teeth that are often six to eight shades lighter, and that can equate to a big improvement in one’s smile confidence!

Veneers Could Help Hide Your Imperfections

For more comprehensive concerns, though, such as teeth that seem small or misshapen, or even in some cases minor spacing issues, many dentists offer porcelain veneers. Veneers are carefully crafted from dental-grade porcelain, the same kind used to create seamless restorative work, in order to help hide imperfections and to improve the overall symmetry and look of the smile.

Plus, because of porcelain’s stain resistance, these are enhancements that can last through many holiday seasons, beautifully!