Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?

Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?Are you embarrassed by an old dental prostheses that no longer fits comfortably or stays in place securely, when you chew? Do you sometimes find yourself dreaming about an update that could inspire more confidence and comfort, both when you speak to friends and family, and especially when you eat? Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides more secure ways to complete the smile after tooth loss, as well as to update ill-fitting prostheses. So if you are ready for an update to your smile, why not find out if a dental implant could be what you need?

Complete Your Smile Securely, Beautifully

Dental implants are a unique form of prostheses, because they help to complete the smile by replacing both the missing tooth and its corresponding tooth root. No other prostheses is able to replace both.

Many people don’t realize the many roles healthy teeth roots play, but they actually serve to both stabilize teeth, and to supply the jaw with the nutrients it needs to maintain its structure over time. Without healthy teeth roots, the jaw can begin to shrink, causing changes to the facial structure and misalignment of remaining teeth. It can also cause once well-fitting dentures to become uncomfortable, due to the overall changes in the smile’s structure.

Ready to Update an Outdated Prostheses?

If you are ready to complete your smile for the first time, or to update an existing prostheses, why not find out if a dental implant is a viable option for you? This is best done through a thorough consultation, during which the dentist can determine if your smile is currently healthy enough to support an implant.