Month: October 2016

Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?

Are you embarrassed by an old dental prostheses that no longer fits comfortably or stays in place securely, when you chew? Do you sometimes find yourself dreaming about an update that could inspire more confidence and comfort, both when you speak to friends and family, and especially when you eat? Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides… Read more »

Tis The Season for a Smile Makeover

Are you looking forward to the holiday season, but not feeling quite ready for all the obligatory photo ops that will come along with it? In fact, is the only thing you really want this Christmas a smile, of which, you can actually feel proud? If you have spent the whole year, or even several,… Read more »

Can You Rebound from a Cavity with Restorative Dental Care?

Are you worried about developing dental cavities, either because of problems in the past, or simply a general anxiety about dental problems? Many people don’t realize that the vast majority of adults will experience dental cavities, which can progress to the point of infection, if left unaddressed. Fortunately, it is possible to address most cavities… Read more »

Is Your Smile Looking Dingy? Professional Whitening Can Help

Do you look in the mirror and immediately fixate on the noticeable staining of your teeth? Over time, teeth can begin to look yellow, grey, or simply dull, due to the variety of foods and beverages people consume, many of which can slowly begin to stain the porous surface of the teeth’s enamel. Some foods… Read more »

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Did you know that metal braces are not your only choice for enjoying an even smile? We can actually use a barely visible alternative to improve the alignment of your smile. How do clear braces work? With Invisalign® we can employ a series of clear plastic aligners to correct crooked or crowded teeth.

Could a Dentist Help You Sleep Better?

Have you been waking up with headaches or discomfort in your jaw or neck? If you still feel tired, no matter how much sleep you get, it is possible you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is actually a dangerous condition, one which unfortunately affects millions of American adults. Not only is… Read more »