Why Your Dentist Says, ‘Don’t Forget to Drink Water!’

Can You Protect Your sMile with Water?You know that doctors have long agreed, staying properly hydrated is one of the simplest and best things you can do to care for your body. After all, a well-hydrated body is essential for vital organ function. When your body lacks water you can suffer a host of symptoms ranging from headaches to sleepiness and even irritability and confusion. Yet many people don’t realize that water is also essential to their oral health. It’s why dentists regularly tell their patients they really should be drinking more water! Without water, you are likely to suffer the discomfort of dry mouth, initially. Eventually, the side effects could be much worse. You could develop cavities and even gum disease, because of improper hydration. There are a number of steps you can take to help avoid these problems, such as regular dental hygiene and preventive care, including checkups and cleanings. Just don’t forget the role water also plays in your oral health, and be sure to drink plenty of it!

Why Is Water So Important?

Water is crucial to your oral health, because it helps you produce saliva, which naturally limits plaque bacteria’s ability to stick to the surface of your teeth, where they can create acidity that wears away your tooth enamel, leading to uncomfortable cavities, and worse, potential gum disease. So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as dentists and doctors recommend, for both your body’s sake and your smile’s.

While it has long been considered standard that doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water everyday, this figure actually varies widely based on person’s weight, activity level, and other environmental factors. So try to drink water throughout the day, keeping in mind that if you feel thirsty you could already be partially dehydrated.