Dentist-Approved Alternatives to Traditional Summertime Treats

Summertime Treats Without All the SugarDoes the summer heat have you reaching frequently into the freezer for some sweet, icy treats to help you keep cool? Perhaps you have made one-too-many trips to the ice cream shop or snow cone stand, lately, in an effort to beat the heat. While there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a treat, too many sweets can be bad for your smile. That’s because sugar is responsible for causing most cavities, because the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars. When your diet is high in sugars you are far more likely to struggle with cavities and other dental issues. You can help avoid dental problems this summer, and throughout the year, by limiting how much sugar you consume on a regular basis. So consider these dentist-approved alternatives.

Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Summer Treats

If you frequently have a craving for ice cream, try opting for a homemade smoothie. Rather than relying on sugar-filled ice cream for flavor and to satisfy your sweet tooth, reach for frozen fruit and milk to create a delicious fruit smoothie, with far fewer calories and less added sugar than a milkshake or ice cream and similar treats.

If fruit popsicles are your favorite frozen indulgence, consider fruit served directly from the fridge, instead. Cool, not frozen, fruit has no added sugar, and it is safer for your teeth, which can chip when you chew on ice or other frozen treats. So even though ice has no calories, chewing on it can still be harmful to your teeth!