Brighten Up with Professional Teeth Whitening

Brighten Up with Cosmetic Teeth WhiteningSummer certainly provides a lot of reasons to smile. From extra time to spend with friends, to chances to explore exotic lands or even local attractions, hopefully your summer will provide plenty of opportunities for face time with those you love and also photo ops. In order to enjoy both, though, you might first want to consider cosmetic dentistry. If your teeth are looking stained or discolored, it can cause a great deal of embarrassment, and insecurity when showing one’s smile. Fortunately professional teeth whitening can help lighten teeth by several shades, so you can smile proudly all summer long!

Why Do Teeth Begin to Look Discolored?

While teeth are incredibly strong and naturally stain-resistant, the surface of teeth is still porous, which means over time the foods and beverages you enjoy can begin to stain the surface of the teeth. Tobacco products, and even aging, can also contribute to tooth discoloration.

Fortunately, teeth whitening can help to remove these stains, providing a patient with a brighter smile, and often a younger-looking one as well!

When Is Professional Whitening the Best Option for Treatment

You have probably seen the numerous products on the dental aisles of drugstore shelves, that promise to lighten your teeth. Unfortunately, these products can vary widely in how effective they actually are at creating noticeable results.

Professional whitening is designed to consistently provide dramatic results. In fact, in-office treatment allows most patients to leave the office with teeth that are ten shades whiter, while at-home professional treatment offer similarly drastic results, over the course of a few weeks’ use.